Wind Voice Archive Project

What is the Wind Voice Archive Project?

The "Wind Voice Archive Project". This is a community effort to collect free, non-commercial wind voices (patches) in an online repository. If you are the owner of a wind synth friendly voice/patch and want to share it in the public domain, we would like to archive that voice along with other free, non-commercial voices as a service to the wind synth community. More information will be available in the coming months.

What is a Wind Voice?

A Wind voice, is a synthesizer voice (also known as a "patch") that has been specifically designed for wind synthesizer control. This wind synth controll is usually via breath control (BC), but can sometimes also be a voice that responds to after touch (AT) or another midi operator.

Wind Synthesizers are not nearly as popular as keyboard based synthesizers, but wind synths are often labeled as being significantly more expressive in making music. This is because the volume of the musical notes is controlled by the player's breath. It is this breath control which is central to the expressive feeling of the music. Couple the nuances of breath control with other controllers such as pitch bending via thumb or jaw, and a musician can create emotional, expressive music with synthesizers in ways most electronic keyboards cannot. Keyboards use velocity based volume control, but a wind synth uses breath based volume control for a more natural sound.

Where are the voices to download?

This project is just getting started. There are some voices on the Advanced page of this site to get you started.

How do I participate?

Send us an email. Our email address for this project is voice [at]