Windows Expert Editor for the VL70m.

VLED Version 1.32 21March1999

Originally posted by Dave Rice and Aaron Michael - 19Jan1998
Bug fix updated - 27Jan1998
Current version 1.32 - 21March1999

Welcome to the Windows Expert Editor for the VL70m physically modeled synthesizer for Windows 3.1 and later.

The VLED (also known as "ExEd") allows you to edit the "instrument" or element part of voices for the Yamaha VL70m synth. This is the undocumented portion the voice.

Download VLED-ALL.ZIP if you don't already have the VLED. This contains all needed files, including the FAQ, Readme, DLLs, and VLEditor.

Download VLED-NEW.ZIP if you already have the VLED and just want the latest version. This just contains replacement files for VLEDITOR.EXE, README.TXT, and VLED-FAQ.TXT for those who already have all the DLLs, etc. from previous versions.

To look at just the FAQ (already included in the files above), click here.