Akai EWI4000s Wind Controller Review

EWI4000 Wind Controller

This review is pending. Here's a general summary:

Akai's newest wind controller is the the EWI 4000S. This controller allows outstanding breath response with additional controllers for pitch bend (up and down), vibrato, and glide. The keys are touch sensitive, and hence are lighting fast. This touch sensitivity, coupled with the wide array of controllers makes this wind controller from Akai very popular with players. Unlike older Akai EWI models, the new EWI4000s has an on-board internal synthesizer so you don't need to buy a separate synthsizer module. This internal synth is analog style, so don't expect perfect digital samples like on a modern synthesizer, but it's an organic, nice feeling synth very well suited for wind control. And you can always connect the EWI4000s directly into any MIDI synthesizer of your choosing. This is an outstanding, professional instrument for any serious wind controller player.