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Wind Synthesizers, Wind Controllers, EWI4000, EWI3020, EWI3020m, EWI3030m, WX5, WX11, WX7, VL1m, VL70m and related wind synth topics are covered on this web site. Here you can learn the basics of wind synths, read instrument reviews, listen to some music samples, and learn from our FAQ. If you are experienced with wind synths, look at Advanced Topics for detailed information on gear, reviews, tips & techniques, hardware hacking, patches (voices), and other advanced topics.

News and Updates:

  • Introducing the "Wind Voice Archive Project". This is a community effort to collect free, non-commercial wind voices (patches) in an online repository. If you are the owner of a wind synth friendly voice/patch and want to share it in the public domain, we would like to archive that voice along with other free, non-commercial voices as a service to the wind synth community. More information at: Wind Voices

  • We have some guest bloggers making new posts about wind controllers and music!!     WindWorks Design Blog